Wrought Iron Basket with Himalayan Salt Chunks is an excellent combination of Wrought Iron Art Work & Healthy Himalayan Salt Chunks which is a beautiful addition to your room, TV Lounge and reception.

Our Wrought Iron Basket is the best for Spa , Yoga Rooms , Meditation centers and specially the are where you spend some time and get relax.
Using a Iron Baskets salt lamp by your bedside at night is said to improve the quality of sleep. It is also believed that placing a salt lamp in a baby’s room is beneficial and soothing for the infant.

Salt Chunks cleanse the air of harmful positive ions, and create a soft, gentle night light for the bedroom.
The lists of health benefits of having salt lamps are endless. The salt can be taken internally but having a lamp in your living areas can help asthma, dust allergies, skin conditions, depression, insomnia, hay fever, boosts serotonin levels, and creates an overwhelming feeling of peace, calmness and tranquility.

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