Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles with Tray

A boulder of Himalayan rock salt emerges from darkness of a 16th century mine shaft in Pakistan and explodes into light, catching and refracting the sun in hues ranging spring water clear to hibiscus pink to venison red. Stonemasons in a neighboring town then hand cut the great rock into a variety of shapes, providing the foundation for extraordinary new ways to prepare and serve food. The Meadow’s Himalayan salt blocks, plates, bricks, and platters can be used for sauteing, grilling, chilling, curing, baking, presenting, salting, bathing, building, and contemplating. There are as many uses for The Meadow’s heavy slabs of Himalayan Pink Salt blocks as there are foods, cooking styles, whims, acts of folly, and shows of bravado. Serve moist food on it, such as mozzarella and sliced apples, and the food will pick up a delicate saltiness that sets it off perfectly. Heat a salt block on the stove, then set the hot block on a trivet at the table to sear scallops or thinly sliced hanger steak while seated with your guests.

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