The demand of these products would never decrease and therein, to match up with the demands from all over the world. We are backed with outstanding facilities. Above all of these, we are providing it at reasonable rates. Asnio Traders aims to reach its perfection using those elements and values by accepted feedbacks from our customers and related parties.

We recognize our duties and accept our responsibilities for ensuring the continued safety & quality of our natural products. Sustainability and traceability are highly important for our manufacturing flow. We pay close attention to our product supplying stages from mining to transportation including all steps such as manufacturing and quality packaging.

Our Company's team believes that shaping our future to be excellent by assuming food safety and quality managements, making a point of to reach this success. Ansio traders always aim to continue improvement of their production quality, production efficiency and product range. All products marked by our company guarantees quality and food safety. The Company is fully aware of its responsibility for supplying products to customers from production line till the consumer’s last point.



We believe that it is the foundation of any business.


Without reliance we could not develop a business.


It is the basis for establishment of all human relationships.


We take responsibility for everything we do.

The keys for success of the company are:

  • Excellent knowledge of all the products which are extracted from the mines.
  • Precise control of the buying of raw material
  • Modern factory with most efficient and effective machines and equipment
  • Strict control of the calibrating and cleaning processes
  • Excellent understanding of the customers’ requirements
  • Flexible solutions of the customers’ needs
  • Hard-work of all the members of the family
  • Competitive prices and high quality
  • Honesty and loyalty


As a leading exporter in the Mineral and Craft industry of Pakistani market, we value our customers more than anything else. We want to utilize our knowledge in providing the best quality products from Pakistan to our clients to satisfy their business requirements. With an aim of establishing a permanent stand for our company in this industry. We also want to establish a strong relationship with our potential clients as well as strengthen our bond with the current clients. We wish to comprehensive and trustworthy services to our clients every time they call us. We are committed for providing the best customer care service of this industry. We believe in going together as well as growing together.


  • To offer complete satisfaction to our clients.
  • Never compromising with the quality of the products.
  • Provide on-time delivery of products.
  • Customer matters to us prices don’t.
  • Fulfilling our duties towards our community as well as our employees so that they can feel proud and happy to be a part of Ansio Traders.